Holy Cross Orthodox Christian Church
Serving Midland and the Permian Basin
The Self Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
City of Midland Issues Temporary Certifcate of Occupancy 12-08-2017
Our dream Becomes a Reality

The City of Midland has issued a temporary permit for Holy Cross to hold services in our new Temple. Glory to God!

A Structure On the Property!

On October 16, 2014 contractors delivered the building which will serve as Holy Cross Orthodox Church's new Church home. All parishioners who stopped by, as the structure was being positioned, greeted one another with joy as they beheld the long-awaited moment finally realized. The original plan was to build a permanent structure on the property, but the Permian Basin's booming economy quickly inflated building costs forcing the parish to re-think their construction plans. 

Going back to the drawing board, it was decided that placing a prefabricated building next to where the church will eventually be built was the best option. This solution proved to be both an affordable and quick solution to the problem.

Before the parish can move in, electricity, water and sewer must be installed. Holy Cross hopes to be in their new Church home sometime in November.

Please feel free to contact Fr. Mark if you would like any additional information.

Structure is placed, leveled then lowered onto prepared posts.
Lowering the structure is a very tedious process.
The second half is prepared for placement.
The machine used to position structure is remotely controlled by an operator nearby.
The two halves side by side. Structure on the left has been placed while the second half waits to be positioned.
View of the second half.
Another view of the second half.
View of the first half in place.
View of the finished Northwest side of new building.
View of the unfinished inside.
Finished look at the northwest side.
View of the south side of the finished structure.
Our first look inside the finished interior.
Close-up view.